Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My birthday

My Monday birthday. I was born on a Monday too. Tyler said "happy birthday" when I first woke up. I was 3/4 the way still asleep so did not remember it was my special day. That was sweet to hear. Steven left and said goodbye on what I thought was his way to work. But he came back with Panera bagels! And with enough to share! Corrie had one on her way to work. She brought me Ivy to help keep Tyler out from under my feet all day. And Erden came over to play with Dylan. When my kids are happy, I am happy. Erden's mom brought me a cupcake and flowers!
Dylan and Isaac made me cards. Corrie brought me blue earrings and a plaque-to-be. I get to pick which sign I want on it. I don't know though... It is his new business. 
We were off to the DMV. WITH 6 kids. Worst. Result of procrastination. Ever.
Actually getting my license renewed was not bad with my appointment. We got there early and they called me 5 minutes after my appointment time. The older half played on my phone. The younger half stayed by my side. Until Tyler and Ivy wanted to run back and forth between me and the boys. I only had to ask them once to walk. After that they skipped. It's not running, they explained! Cute kids.

At home, I promised we would swim. But Julia was surely tired so I wanted her to nap. I had the boys play outside with bubbles and put up the umbrellas. Then gave them linchables Steven had purchased. I took this picture out my window. They are such good kids. 
Happy baby on my changing table. She slept a long time for me. 
My kind neighbor came ofer with bakery goods and healthy popsicles, her nephew and sister, and a beach ball. Fun! I could leave her with the kids while checking on the baby. 

I did not nap. I knew that was the risk of letting Dylan have a friend over. But actually, Steven came home early to watch the kids! He scheduled a massage for me at Corrie's day spa. I actually paid with my PayPal card since my debit card was in the envelope with my passport and birth certificate etc. Steven tried hard not to complain about babysitting but that was impossible with the poop disaster. Ivy had an accident so I got multiple help texts. He handled it without puking on poor Ivy. Corrie gave me flowers after giving me a divine massage on top of the earrings and montage sign. 
Then we met friends and fam at the beach. It was windy though. Not ideal. The wind stopped blowing sand to coat everything for a while so we walked around. Don, my mom, and Aunt Peggy came. We did the Mentios and 2 liter gyser. Then Ellie drank some. Funny girl. No cake this year. I had the cupcake from Erden's mom (for lunch) and a Tropical Smoothie Cafe smoothie for dinner. 
A little after my birthday, since I am so slow to publish this, Eirit and Barbie got me gifts too! What?!! They both wrapped them up so beautifully. I had asked Eirit if I could buy some "simple every day earrings good for sensitive ears." She went overboard and got me pretty studs with my birth stones, Rubys, in the center and another set of pretty earrings and a Tiffany & Co necklace too! Barbie had Julia pick out a bangle bracelet for me. It has a stork against a pink background to show that I am still a good mommy to my baby girl evens when I am away from her at work. Both friends are so thoughtful. I love them and that they are so close to me and I get to see them both lots. I am extremely blessed. 

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