Monday, July 28, 2014

surround sound

Having 1 kid is a crazy change.
Having 2 kids is scary going into it but is manageable and makes you want another.
Having 3 kids brings even more love.
Having 4 kids is like having surround sound whining. It comes from my lap, from standing up on the counter behind me. From the high chair to my left, and from the little table to my right. Surround sound I tell you! Then from the front of me I have another person who was maybe saying something to me or to one of the other 4 points of the room. It feels like all I did was make some dinner. But in truth, I know that I didn't plan well enough so I let it get to me some because of my own mistakes. I forgot the rice and beans and salad and waters and the flavors were geared more for adults. Even then, if I had been well rested, I could have sat there. But I was done. I'll try again another time.

As the mom I should be able to foresee any negative reactions and have a plan. Then when kids are kids and are needy all at once, I should be able to absorb the negativity and turn it into positivity radiating from me. Sometimes I can do this. But with 4 kids and another one. I'm no super mom. Dude, my mom did 5. Plus 4.

Today I have 7 kids and it's much better. A sleeping baby
and fort-making,
craft experiment-making,
popsicle stick taping, loud happy kids. Pre-planning is key.
I have good kids. Dylan picks up Julia for me when she fusses. 
Isaac is creative and designed this monkey pillowincluding picking the fabric from some scraps I just aquired for my hoarding problem.
Dylan designed the D pillow from my OLD scraps including the minky fabric I saved from his preschool crib sheet I made him. He sewed a lot of it. 
 Tyler is funny and smart. He pushes all of our buttons and reasons like a teenager. But knows how to be sweet too. 
Abd Julia slept frim 10:30-6:30. Too long! I was full and sore on one side. She sleeps swaddled in her bassinet. 
And wakes up happy and quiet. 
I love my boys and girl. But high quality surround sound is overrated!

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