Friday, August 22, 2014

I love

Do you know what I love?
I love my baby girl. And my baby boy. And my bigger boys. I love that my Julia smiles when I give her attention. I wish I could just spoon her all day and night. I love that Tyler wants to play superheros with me and he comes up with elaborate scenarios and when one guy gets saved, he thanks the others. And usually there is a mom and baby relationship. I love that Isaac lays down next to Julia to stroke and admire her. I love that Dylan brings a soccer ball wherever I let him and plays his heart out. He wants to donate one to his class so he can leave it there. I love that my Steven does not let his to do list get long. I wish he could spoon me all day and night too.

I love that the things that stress me out are so not of real importance compared to people who have sick children or parents or even deaths to deal with. I simply have too much junk on my dining room table and too many photos everywhere. 

I love that I cross contaminate, in a good way, my friends with other friends with patients with my business with church with my office with mom's groups with my family and it is all a big mix. I want everyone to see and do every good thing possible. 

I love that I follow Christ and that knowledge helps me prioritize, serve, and parent my babies and that through His plan, families are forever. 'Til death isn't good enough for me. (Julia is just sleeping here but there was a hash tag thing going around where people were holding up a photo of Jesus. Julia is always cuter than I, and my hand is in it, so it sorta maybe kinda counts as a selfie.)

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