Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dear Julia, You are 3-1/3 months old

Dear Julia, 
You are 3-1/3 months old!  Here are some notes I started when you were right at 3 months old. 
 your passport photo
quick notes b/c I just looked and your 2 mo post didn't even get posted! 
Touch face
Burry face
Laughed once
Rolled over sorta once
Grabs and hangs on
Smiles when eye contact
Pics from today: Eirit's visit, a long jog, pool, grandma's

(She had a diaper explosion, pooped again, this was a cat nap, then she cried until I got there.)
Asleep at 10:30 then Awake to eat/sleep again between 2-6:30. In bassinet until 8:30 this morning! 
Now at 3-1/3 months old:
Longer hair on top
Starting to get a little bald on the sides and back frim rubbing. 
Is so tired if cries
Fussy if hungry or needs to see a face
Will still nap w me if we r next to one another
Will take a pacifier if swaddled or in carseat, spits it out and doesn't want it again
So cute
Lots of smushy fat rolls on thighs
I love to dress you up
Grabs toys and pulls them to mouth, want to taste things

Now it is the 10th. So you are grabbing everything including your clothes if I do not give you a toy. I like to let you play with your dolly. I call her Daisy since she is blonde and Daddy said you would be Daisy if you were blonde. 
You open your mouth wide open when anything gets close to your face. I call ot giving me kisses. It is like a reflex. 
are soooo happy usually, can smile if we just give you direct attention

So, dear baby Julia, 
I love playing with you. You love playing with us. You love playing with Clara and I can't wait to see it first hand. You're my baby girl, I love that! I didn't swaddle you for a while but now do sometimes if you're fussy. You like to lay your head on mine when I carry you around, I think maybe I started doing it to steady you when I needed another hand, but now your head is pretty stable yet you still rest it against mine when we walk around. I probably could put you down more, but I like to hold you. Then I say I'm not productive b/c I'm holding you. Sometimes you take long naps, sometimes you take short naps. I love you and want to eat your little face and hands and nose and pet your soft hair. You're a good little baby. If you cry, you're usually just tired and will be happy if swaddled. 
I love you! 
love, Mommy

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