Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy 12th Anniversary to us!

Wanna see a magic wedding ring trick?Isaac sneaks in to interact with his baby sister. Our rings are intertwined! 
Can you figure out how? Can you read our wedding day on mine? 08-17-2002. Twelve years ago. 
First get a closer look at that baby who just rolled over. 
So yea. Steven jammed his finger in his weekly Tuesday night church basketball. He sent me this on Wednesday. 
We tried using floss then yarn to trick it off but that just hurt so we aborted both times. So Thursday he had a jeweler cut and pry it off. Steven's finger is much better now but not best. He played volleyball that night. The storry seemed fitting for our anniversary. 
Some year we will celebrate by going to Hawaii. I say for our 20th. Steven claims sooner. I hope he wins. This year we will stay home and save for that trip. I am sick. The boys are sick. 
I took Julia to sacrament meeting at church. I had picked out dresses from Clara and coordinating headbands all ready to go. I liked them all. 
I need 2 more babies! I will put Clara back in one for a cousins photo! I picked this one for today. She and Steven do not have the cold. I am hoping my body was quick on making antibodies for her!
I felt yucky but Sacrament meeting is important and a friend from work had told me she was going. She ended up having to work today. But I did get to say hi to an investigator who I had met last Wednesday when the sister missionaries invited me to a lesson 
Steven has been checking off items on the Honey Do list this whole weekend. He previously did all of the back to school shopping. So he organized, labeled, and packed it all. He did the paperwork, bought lunch stuffers, fluorescent green shoe laces, and is painting the stairwell!
He did normal amazingness like yard work
And cooking dinner 
Hiding from bumble bees on the pool with us. 
I have been wanting to stay home lately so this is a good anniversary. 
Yesterday we considered the beach or downtown, but finished the boys' school projects, cleaned, and went to the flea market. When our kids are happy, we are happy. We had attempted the flea market on Wednesday but the mining for gems booth was closed. We made it on Saturday!

It rained on us and Julia had a poo blow out in the sling, but the flea market was our highlight of the weekend :)
Steven has given me back massages and has offered to hold Julia lots for me too. 
I am not productive, but Steven is. And I like having him home and having no obligations. We are different but both were happy with this weekend, minus the sickness around here. He is more than I could ask for. I love my Steven. 

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