Monday, August 11, 2014

Chaos days

 Fun Chaos
Baby is tired. I tried to put her down. She thought that was funny that I would think she would sleep today.
This morning I made the kids fruit kabobs. Good mom.
But they ate while watching a movie. Good mom cancelled out. 
The other half of my kids tried on headbands. 
I love dressing my baby girl. One person around here will look put together. Only one. 
The rest of us do not care what others think of us. 
While they watched a movie, I sewed some whale pouches since my mom brought over a big whale for a primary talk. Then I had the kids locate the Jonah story. They acted/faught it out as I read the first 3 chapters. The moral we picked was that we should listen and be obedient the first time. 
Tyler and Ivy did who knows what in the play room. They are so sweet togerher. Ivy is the mommy and Tyler is the baby when they play house. These are all such good kids. 
Did you count all 8 people in the photo?! They started fighting over Nerf darts so I made them look up, copy, copy again with better handwrtitng, memorize, and recite while standing still Exodus 14:13. 
(Noah farted.) 
Julia laughs some now when I kiss her neck!
We tried playing the touchy feely game but Julia would not stay asleep with the loud kids!!
So they are banished to the playroom now while I rest with Julia.
I like the summer with all of my babies. But I honestly just want to sweep the floors. I better nap now so I will have energy to stay up and clean! The kids are too loud to clean now. Baby is awake again. B'bye.

Added at 11 pm: I did clean the floors before the Crews left. But it was a glass-breaking kind of day. I opened the cabinet and a stack of cups fell out onto the almost empty spaghetti sauce jar which shattered. So I re-cleaned the floors. Sorta like how I made the kids re-write their scripture verse w/ beautiful handwriting. The first time just wasn't good enough! I blogged for my boss and am sewing corn hole bags for a friend at work now w/ Julia on my lap. She's trying to eat everything, my arms, the table cloth, anything. Toys keep falling. Maybe I should put a pacifier clip on one...

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