Thursday, May 8, 2014

Waking up

Waking up is natural now. No alarm clocks. Julia is sleeping next to me. Sometimes Isaac is on my other side. He had a bad dream two nights in a row. Tyler alternates sleeping in his crib and his big boy bed thank goodness. Sometimes Tyler has come in and is giving the baby too many  kisses. Steven started a trend. Now Isaac and Tyler give too many kisses as a standard. Today, I hear Tyler reading a pile of books. "BROWN BEAR, brown bear, BROWN BEAR, brown bear..." And "neigh said the horse, want to eat some food with me? But the spider was very busy spinning her web. She didn't answer..." And "go dog go dog stop dog go dog. Do you like my hst? Let's go in a car..." He re-stacks his books into a "done" pile. Then I hear a chair scooting across the tile. He must be getting some breakfast now. Steven has already left to take the boys to school. I love that sleep is not interrupted by the car line now. Really. Steven is my blessing now. 
So I read about Joshua getting encouragement to not be afraid and getting the Lord's blessing to go destroy more cities and hang more kings in my scriptures, check my email, and make my day's to do list. And I blog this before getting up to give Julia a bath and changing my sheets since her diaper failed us. Tyler just came in to tell me he likes his baby. Pictures of how Julia likes waking up on her own schedule with milk on her face and some sleep in het right eye. Life is good. 

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Aunt Kat said...

How in the world does a one-week-old baby wake up smiling? I didn't know that was even physically possible! What a little beauty. :)

And I love that Tyler reads books. What a little cutie! :)