Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Siesta time!

Happy Cinco de Mayo 

with a baby taking a siesta in a sombrero

Having a Cinco de Mayo due date was fun. I found a crocheted Mexican sombrero on etsy at this shop. The owner was so easy to work with. It is Mexican flag colors but not that girly so I asked if she could give me a red rose to go with it. She gave me two - with the safety pin! She sewed them that morning before shipping that day. Awesome service!
The wool ruana is authentic from Mexico since my paternal grandma lived in Mexico for a while. I'm not even sure why I have it, it was in a box of things to give back to my dad. It's a little scratchy, but give a baby a thumb and she'll take a siesta anywhere I guess!
The maracas are from a party store. I painted them to give them some character. I considered giving them out at the hospital to the visitors, but when she was due on May 1st instead of May 5th, it didn't seem like a good idea any more.
But it's fun that I can still post these ON her due date instead of waiting until the festive day is yesterday's news. Thanks for giving me some time to prep, baby girl!

We hope you can all make some time for an afternoon siesta too, happy Cinco de Mayo!

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