Saturday, May 3, 2014

The dreaded "second night"

We got to go home a day earlier than anticipated! We had some visitors at the house so we did not get to nap, but we still felt more rested. On our way home, I looked through the paperwork file and was reminded of the "second night" with the baby. It warned about her wanting to nurse constantly and gave ways not to freak out about this particular restless night. I remember this night with my boys. I had to wake Steven up to walk with the baby while I got a little sleep. He would have to wake me before long swearing our baby was starving. The boys would want to nurse to sleep but could not sleep long enough. My milk would not be in so it would seem like I was starving my babies. Frustrating and tiring for all. 

My mom offered to sleep over and take the night shift for us. She said would bounce Baby Julia after I would feed her. She did the same service for Kat. I have Steven who is a big help so I figure we can manage. I braced myself. 

I resisted the urge to go through pictures and blog. I put Julia in her bassinet up by our bed. She is so tiny! I layed next to Tyler who reluctantly went to his crib. I got ready for bed and tried laying down. But it had already begun. She was restless. I fed her and layed her back down. She awoke again. I wanted to say, "let the record reflect: that I attempted the bassinet!" She rested between the wall and myself and we nursed to sleep. 

Confused, I woke up at 5:30. We had gone to sleep by 10. I awoke not because she was acting famished, but because my tummy was cramping and my back was sore. Why was Julia still sleeping so perfectly?! I went downstairs for some Advil and water. Then I stared at her. Should I awake her? I could hear Nurse Deanna's voice, "baby needs fo eat. Baby needs to eat!" But Nurse Susan did say on demand feeding. So I waited more. Then I moved her closer to the wall. She sorta swished her head side to side, so I snatched her to feed her. I changed her first. Not dirty?! It was a little wet. She did not cry at all! And did not even act hungry. I kept thinking, "no crying [s]he mskes."

I fed her in the Costa Rica chair by Tyler's bed.
It is under the light my dad got for Dylan. 
She ate from the left then wanted to stretch.
So innocent. She pooped a while. We hung out. 
I changed her then she ate on the other side while I blogged this. Tyler tossed some and grabbed his blanket. 

Birds began to chirp. I looked up to see the sun had started waking up. How sweet. Maybe it would dry some of the rain we were just hearing. 

Julia fell asleep. Steven came in. It was 7am. He offered to hold het. (I was blogging with her vertical up on my chest.) Instead I put her in her bassinet. Steven and Dylan stared at her then picked her up. Steven said she was acting hungry right then. But he knew she wasn't. He said that Tyler came in bed with me for an hour to go back to sleep then went sown the stairs as happy as could be sonce he got yo sleep in both beds. Steven held her until 9 and gave her to me. Steven was starving and isn't a multi-tasker. I tried to feed her, not a real try. Tyler kissed her lots and asked repeatedly to hold her and poked her cheeks gently and put toys on her then left us alone. (For a couple of minutes.)
She slept on! 

Loved our second night :)


Shannon said...

Your blogs are so beautifully written and brings joy and happy tears to the reader that you could make it into a book.

I just subscribed. I can't believe I didn't know to subscribe before now.

Love you tons, Shannon

rachel kanooth said...

I love you girl.. you are the best mommy