Thursday, May 22, 2014

So I sing a song of love [for] Julia

My neighbor showed me the Beatles' "Julia" song on youTube. I will use it for a slideshow some day. I sing it all the time in my head and to her for a lullaby.

Dear Julia, 
You are two weeks old. I love that you always wake up happy. Sometimes I only know you are awake because I hear hiccuping. Sometimes you call out with just one uncomfortable squirmy aaah sound. 
I love that your warm feet naturally fold up almost to your belly button with your skinny dry legs poking out to either side every time I lay you back to change your diaper. They start out limp then gather rigidity as I go for the diaper fastening velcro tabs you seem to protect with your tiny might.
I love that you latch on so easily to nurse.
 It makes me hold my breath right along with you though when you drink too quickly and can not breath although you try to fight through and still draw more milk into your tiny body. I have to help you off so you can use your mouth to finally get some air in. That always takes too long. 

I like that I figured out that when you seem to loose your way and do the frantic side head shake shake shake with your mouth feeling back and forth yet not grabbing, that it means you need to sit up for a burp contrary to the universal newborn sign of hunger pains. 

I love that putting you vertical and loving you any way at all gets your bubbles out. 

I love to pick your dry skin and baby acne and tiny white bumps on your nose. 

I love that you still sleep so much. 

I love that you cuddle under my arm pit every night and we sleep through until 8:30. You stir twice to eat while still sleeping. We stay in bed for an hour if we are lucky. You sleep and sleep.

I love your round face. 

I love that it is okay and propper not to share you yet. Although your brothers probably expose our house and you to pleanty of germs, more than the ladies at church probably carry. 

I love that you are light enough to hold all day. 

I love you! 
Love, Mommy

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