Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Projects. Love/don't love

I like figuring out clever ways to make things work out. Like fitting everything plus extra credit items onto Dylan's family history board. But I Don't love that we were given only 1 week notice, had 3 baseball games,

tae kwon do,
scouts, basketball, last days with their ipads, and ticket-buying-time in those 7 days. 
It is good. 
Dylan chose Colombia and Germany to highlight. We are going to Colombia in January for Andre's 40th birthday! Dylan would have picked just one country but the mini homework projects he has been filling in have been on these two plus Italy. We did not know they would be compiled into one big grand finale and thete was no time to consolidate/redo required parts. 
The table is cluttered with other projects. I have made lots of hair bows from old bride's maids dresses (thanks Amber Ayres and April Lowenburg) and fabric scraps and lace and ribbons. I made a wipes case too. Thanks Kat!! I need an assistant for photos of Julia though. I usually have a mom as the spotter. I am struggling with birth announcement ideas. 
I have had no commitments and am supposed to be on this recovery maternity leave yet my to do list is growing. It is frustrating. I have had help. Don takes care of the car line a lot. So does Steven. Steven took Tyler and Dylan to scouts for a bit. That had good potential. I unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the dinner. (I made meatloaf with Julia who fell asleep while I was chopping, 
after going to AAA, which does not have Colombia maps, and Aldi for dinner ingredients etc.) Steven came home to swim with Tyler. I love that they get to swim so much. 
I am rambling. Yea, no nap today. Tyler and Julia napped in the boys' Spring Concert.
That was my nap time too. I love that I could go and that I am recovering well. I went for a jog 2 days ago and again yesterday.
I was not going to yesterday but Steven wanted to go on his lunch break and promised he would take Tyler then realized that Tyler will hold him back. And Steven does not run with strollers for when Tyler got tired of running.
My lower tummy insides felt it for sure. I am glad I took today off. 
Tomorrow Julia is 3 weeks old. That is hard for me. I do not want to go to work. Well work is ok but I do not want to leave my baby. At ALL. Emotional recovery is harder than physical. She is still a part of me. 

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