Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dear Julia, you're 3 weeks old

Dear Julia,
You're 3 weeks old. You're cute. You're getting a double chin. You have a lot of acne, red on your cheeks, bumpy on your forehead, and some spots on your chin. You don't have any on your neck, so I don't think it's from milk, but then again, you wake up in a puddle around your cheek from milk overflowing or spit up maybe or possibly some sweat. You do not spit up thick stuff, it's more like overflow or sometimes a little milk comes up later. You do burp a lot lately but never spit up with the burps.

I just tried feeding you some formula. You aren't that into it. Some spilled out of your mouth. I didn't want to waste real milk. I've tried pumping some but have not been able to pump that much yet. You're not that into pacifiers either. I keep trying so that you won't want to just nurse to calm you in the future.

You usually nurse all late evening until 10 or 11 then are sound asleep until around 3am. Then you go another 5 hours until 8am. So sweet.

Today I finally got some sleepy photos of you with the headbands I've been making. AND I got a nap with you because Bessy picked up the boys. First the UNsleepy photos. I wanted your head balanced up on your hands but need an assistant for that. So these are the outtakes. I mostly have outtakes of you. But that's ok, I really did get amazing sleepy ones, here's one.

 I mostly have outtakes of you. But that's ok, I really did get amazing sleepy ones, here's one.

I just wrote your 2 week post, so not much has changed. I heard that you won't be as sleepy at 3 weeks. But thankfully that's not true. The other day you didn't go right to sleep with me, that was tiring, but honestly probably only lasted 3 minutes. You have me spoiled! When you're restless, it's usually that you need to be vertical for a bit or just snuggled next to me and don't want to nurse.

I love you!
Love, Mommy

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