Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Festivus 2012!

Festivus is from Sinfield. 
There's a Feats of Strength. We retired the eggnog chugging contest and replaced it with a girls' arm wrestling challenge. We weren't as competitive as the boys would have liked. Corrie won. 
I love that picture above:)

 We do a gift exchange with a $25 value per person. There's a funny back story to this Elf on the Shelf. I'd like to say it's another Festivus miracle! (I bought one. Steven had me return it. Steven re-bought it. I wrapped it. I stole it. It showed up the next day in our house!)

 Here's the Festivus pole. We've done away with the airing of grievances.
 It was a smaller gathering but Stacy's new house is amazing!

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