Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

 new blankies!!
 A HUGE tub of legos from Uncle Martin and Aunt Katy!
 Kat got the boys gifts, but look what she got ME!!! The previous year's blog book!!

 He's signing "airplane"

 Thank you Aunt Lacey, for their matching Christmas Morning PJs!
 Isaac used his Snoopy Snowcone Machine
 I made some snow in my NINJA blender, but they preferred cranking the snow.
 Tyler got some snow w/o flavor. (Dressed appropriately in how "snow" outfit of course.)
 This is the face letting all around know he's frustrated. We hear his "eeeeeeeh" all too much.
 I got him a better cup. He is into feeding himself w/ a spoon/fork. He's actually really good at it.

 We had to pry Isaac away from his snoopy machine to go to the Crews' house.

 At my mom's, Don had us watch a church Christmas movie.
 Then we opened presents! I had the hardest time figuring out what to put on the top of his ping pong score board. I decided that simple was okay.
 They got the kids remote control cars. I think every kid should get one on Christmas morning, so fun!
 Then we went to the beach for our traditional sandy snow man. It wasn't really that cold, but the water, sand, and wind were cool.

 Plans A and B failed.

 I almost went and made a tiny one in the sand, but we made due.
 At least the props were good!

 Isaac chopped/hammered his mixed nuts from his stocking all by himself. So I had him clean up the mess all by himself too. I made a Christmas colors smoothie since we've been eating so much junk.

 Look at my new nativity scene!!! I LOVE it. I wanted to buy it but Steven said no. Little did I know, he sent the link to my mom who bought it for me!

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