Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Angels

Last Monday I went outside to find all of the sand toys in the grass and Isaac in the sand box. He was serious about making a snow angel and wouldn't let Noah or the babies in. And that's how our hot July December day began. 
 We ate watermelon and the kids got gross.
 Because their sticky bodies grew layers of sand.
 and dirt.
 But man those kids were happy!
 Our of order, but earlier the babies had snack time. Tyler is signing "thank you." (But he's no saint. He crawled over the table in a blink to steal Ivy's Cheerio's.)
 They were so tired. Yes I still nurse my baby. I didn't nurse Tyler in public after he was 1 yr old b/c he was a huge toddler-looking kid. Tyler is possibly my last so I'm not afraid to keep him in the baby stage as long as possible.
 Once the babies were asleep, we made snow gloves. They're sad ("melting") snowmen made from pom poms, felt, and pillow filler inside of baby food jars. No it wasn't a pinterest idea, just a random one of mine that I probably got bits and pieces of from who-knows-where over the years. Speaking of which. I love, but it sorta makes people ask me if I got my ideas off of there. Yes maybe I do sometimes, but I also pin things from other websites to my own pin boards there - like how it's supposed to be used. I went to a SEO course and the lady said that every business should have a Pinterest page and 80% of the content should be from your OWN website(s)! That seems wrong, but I guess that's the next social media outlet and is growing by tons of women and men are not ashamed to have pages any more either. So I'm going to make my page more SEO friendly and will be posting from my site as well. (Like hypoctiticalness?)
And the kids got into the band-aids. They help themselves and I like that. Noah said that he hurt his eye the other day so he still needs a band-aid [stuck to his little hair].
I'll also be deleting random ugly Christmas sweater and kareoke videos from my youTube account to turn that into a ffp client generator too.
Speaking of which, here's a link to "how to make a Tiffany snowflake" video. Warning. It's horrible.Whatev!

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Vicki B said...

i watched to the end, but never got to see the snowflake opened!