Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Isaac is in gymnastics, and other random pics

Noah started preschool again. He's in a fun class with my boss's daughter and our friend Stacy's daughter. Isaac used to go to that school with Noah but we decided to keep him home since it's 30 min away from my house and I don't need it. Anyway, Isaac needed something of his own. Dylan did kindergarten. Now he's in 1st grade. He has been in tae kwon do for years and is also in Piano. He has homework most nights and Isaac needs attention. They both did soccer then Tball, but still. Isaac has been on a gymnastics waiting list since the summer. And he finally got in! It's only once/week which is enough for me, but for him, I wish it was more often. He loves it! I get to watch through glass for his hour long class. (He's wearing red.) 

 He has fun.
 And he has a great coach.
 It's an all boy class and he's one of the youngest.
 Some kids cut in line and I feel myself being like a little league dad wanting to call out "put my kid in, that kid  already had two turns." But I know Isaac is probably okay with getting less turns and is just happy to be there.

 I like that when waiting in line, they go through other things on their way back to the line. Some kids take a long time on the other equipment, but again, Isaac is happy just being there.

 Here are some other randoms of my silly little guy.
Look at all of his protection. Yet the cutting end is at his uncovered feet.
 I redirected him with a soccer ball and suggested some cleats.

 What the...??

Aunt Barbie gave us the turkey crafts. Isaac and I try to do a project of some kind together each day we're here together.
that's my Isaac! He's the best:) And if I question him, he is always quick with the impromptu explanations. He's a self starter who makes me proud when he makes good decisions.
 I know he looks like he has a preacher collar on, he didn't notice. he was turning his shirt inside out and backwards to it would be pitch black.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tiff :)

Aunt Kat said...

Yay!!! Preston can attest to the fact that I've been going through withdrawals from not seeing anything new about my nephews for too long! :) I love that Isaac is his own person and makes his own decisions...about what to wear, what to like, and what to climb on--I particularly like your "What the...??" caption.

He looks a ton like Dylan in the first all-black picture--wow, I didn't know they looked so much alike!