Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyber Monday at fishy face photography

Happy Cyber Monday! 

Dear Tyler,
You're 15 months old today. Last year, you were 3 months old on Small Business Saturday. This year, your month birthday fell on Cyber Monday, so I gave away 3 5x7s with the SBS deal.

Back to you:
You're getting a personality and are stubborn. You like routine. When we go into your your room, you want the boppy pillow and want mommy milk. You point for what you want.
Signs: dog (which could be for any animal), hot, airplane, monkey, more, milk, eat, water, all done, ball, shoes, and maybe more
Words: go, dog, hot, mom, this
You tuck your blanket under you. You are no longer tricked with the smaller diaper cloths, but you appreciate the gesture when we or Ivy gives one to you.
You go to bed when the kids do, or if you skip the afternoon nap, then you go to bed around 6pm. You wake up around 7am.
You like to use utensils. You're doing a pretty good job, but you make a HUGE mess!
You can finally hold your bottle now, but we should maybe wean you off of it. I'm in no rush.
You have a black eye from walking with a plastic step stool, it tripped on the rug and bumped into your little face. You cried and interrupted Dylan's piano lesson. It's lasted over a week now!
I hope you sleep through the night tonight, you've been so good, but one night you woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep! So I took you down and we worked on more pictures for about an hour.
Love, Mommy

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Aunt Kat said...

Sweet little stubborn guy. Are you saying though that if he skips his afternoon nap he'll sleep for eleven hours??? WOW! I'm excited to see both of you tomorrow! :D