Friday, December 21, 2012

Downtown St. Pete to see santa

The boys wrote letters to Santa. 
And they took them to his mailbox. 

 We walked around to see the sites before meeting up with our friends the Stevens.

 We love spotting nativities.

 Tyler was happy in the stroller so he didn't get out to mail his letter.
 But when he did get out, I decided he HAD to go mail his letter. Maybe he should have stayed put:) He had fun running around with the boys. This cry was short lived.
 In contrast, the line was really long, at least an hour. That's why we go with our friends. The kids can run around and we can catch up with them. It's a tradition since they moved south and we moved north. We both lived in St. Pete when our Dylans had their 2nd birthdays. And their 3rd birthdays I think.

 I have to tell you. My plan was to plop Tyler down and run. Luckily Steven had another camera b/c this Santa grabbed my hip and pulled me onto his lap! I was startled and tried to stand back up but he said "We want happy pictures." I was laughing, but Tyler still wasn't what I'd call happy.
Classic. Santa does know best, but I have to have my crying baby picture. I took Tyler and the other boys told Santa what they wanted. Dylan asked for more ornaments for our tree. So now we look bad! We did make some ornaments, like we do every year. This year's ornaments were the cinnamon kind.

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The Stevens said...

Ha ha, Santa did that to me last year. I love how we took most of the same pictures. I am so far behind in my blog though!