Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer is over {results of our summer to do list}

I made a list of things to do over the summer because I wanted it to be fun for my kids.  It's our last summer before school started, and before we had a family of 5.  I wanted to have some goals but wanted it to be fun, relaxed, and short term - easier to check off then New Year's resolutions. 

I thought the summer would end when I had the baby or when Kindergarten started.  It kinda all started at the same time, and now that I'm settled, here's the outcome of our list. 
Some of the ideas we didn't do b/c I got more pregnant and big and so hot that I didn't want to do the outdoor golfing, lemonade stand, or pick up baseball game.  We still may do those things later . . . We did a lot though!! 

(no pictures, maybe I'll add them later.)
√ sunrise breakfast on the beach - idea from Daisy Crawford We didn't do a sunrise, but we did do breakfast!
√ Disney in May
√ Southwest Pool so I can swim laps and Dylan can do THE swim test (25 meters)
   Family group sheets
     Steven no, but I did find one that I had started to fill out w/ Steven's mom and I did send requests to Steven's family but didn't get much response
   Lemonade Stand - idea from McKinzie Emery I still want to . . .
   Gatorland - idea from Brendon Black Steven will take the kids sometime soon
√ Planet Jump - we have 1 free visit 6/30
√ Gator Fred's - we have Gator bucks 7/28 w/ Paige
   Glass blowing at the art center in Gulfport - idea from Holly Moons' patient
√ Paint the nursery - maybe greens 8/21
Decorate nursery - Hawaii/Jungle theme started
√ Camping maybe go again though . . .
√ Rays baseball game 8/6 w/ the church
√ Threshers baseball game 7/2 w/ Pagie, Grandma, and Granddad
√ Fireworks 7/2 and 7/4
√ Finish Kindergarten books w/ Dylan 7/16
√ Dylan - ride bike by himself
√ Isaac - swim length of pool 8/3 and front flip!
   Driving range w/ Szasz boys
   Put put golf
   Baseball pick up game w/ friends
√ Decide on a name for our baby boy 8/26 at the hospital while having contractions
√ Figure out what I need
   Sew/make something for the baby boy I still need to make curtains
√ Slip 'n slide
   Have Dylan and Isaac memorize scriptures
   Have Dylan and Isaac memorize stuff w/ fun songs (need to find some)
√ Plan Joyschool 8/10 started, then 9/8 we had our planning meeting finally! 
√ Eat freezer pops 6/11
√ Sidewalk chalk 7/17
√ Canoe
√ Dylan - take piano lessons 9/7
√ Dylan - start karate so he'll ease into the after school fun if we do that 7/11 It's actually Tae Kwon Do, and Dylan loves it!  I'm glad we enrolled in it, and they did pick him up after school twice for after care (before we changed Dylan's school.) 
   Dylan - memorize phone # and address just phone #, and he knows what street we're on.
   Picnic at sunset on the beach I saw lots of sunsets for photoshoots though
   Family service project
   Pencil pals, maybe w/ Finn from school His mom didn't email me back w/ their address, and neither did one of Dylan's cousins:(  He did write two letters to each of them though.
√ Maternity pictures of me 6/26 I didn't get the "cravings" one I wanted (date night w/ Steven eating ice cream or something cold outside of the Candy Kitchen or at John's Pass or something)
√ Maternity pictures w/ finger paint and the boys 8/15
   Pictures of Isaac's kiss face
√ Letters to missionaries (actually mail the letters we have written) Does count?  I hope so.
√ Something w/ geography for the kids 8/10 stuff from Barbie
√ Summer craft Kissing Hand craft, and canvases for the baby room
   Plant stuff (landscaping)
   Have Dylan mark the majority of his Book of Mormon (when reading it) not the majority, but since schoolstarted, we've been reading a chapter/story from Just So Stories and the Book of Mormon each night. 
√ Glazier Children's Museum 8/13 hooray for $5 day!!
√ Tampa Tropical Smoothie Cafe 7/20 after Steven's office baby shower
√ Clearwater Beach 7/3 w/ Andre and Barbie after dinner at Frenchy's
√ Indian Rocks Beach
√ Reddington Beach 6/26, 6/27, 6/30
   Madiera Beach
√ Treasure Island playground 8/13 w/ Daddy and Snowballs
√ St. Pete Beach 7/4 fireworks at Upham
√ Pass-A-Grill Beach 7/29 w/ Jolyn and her kids and friends
√ Ft. De Soto Beach 8/8 w/ Paige, Emerys, and Jeffra and Cannon
√ Siesta Key Beach w/ Paige and Jolyn and Emerys and Renee

We added to the list the following:
√ Zoo 7/21 w/ Paige
√ Busch Gardens
√ Make cupcakes for Darren 7/16 this happened to show up on the list after the Crews came for a swim
√ Edile Playdough 7/11
   Ted Peter's
√ fire station 7/15 w/ Liz Walke (her idea), the Yvonne, and Rachael (and their kids)
√ Snowballs on TI beach 8/13

Get rich so I can:
Order canvases
Order Blog Books My mom and Kat got me some for my birthday!!
Lighting in bedrooms we did it!!

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