Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 4 weeks old

You still sleep a lot, but are awake for 2 hours at a time some times.

 You still will only go in your crib for naps, but rarely at bed time.

So you sleep next to me and the wall.  Your eyes look blue instead of grey now. 

Your baby acne lasted only for a couple of days a week ago but now you're back to being perfect. 

You have only spit up like 7 times in your life, have I mentioned that?  And it's always just a little that fell out the side of your mouth while you were sleeping.  You have the softest hair, head, feet, and skin.  You're still so tiny!  You have officially started getting bigger, both your daddy and I noticed you seem longer this week, but I wouldn't call you big yet.  I started running with you a day after you turned 3 weeks old.  You like it in the hot outside. 

It was your due date this week - that's fun that you've been with us for so long.  You squeeze in perfectly with our family. 

You are quiet.  I don't hear you when you wake up from your crib in the other room, but luckily daddy does.  I'm so in love with kissing you and cuddling you!  I'm getting nothing else done in life because I hug you and feed you, then change you, then hug you some more, then take your pictures while staring at you, then I edit those pictures while holding you.  Sometimes I look down at you and you're staring right at me wondering what I'm doing, I laugh and kiss you all over again. 


Kat Gille said...

Um, that one of him in the onesie asleep on his arm over the book needs to be printed large and hung in his room. I LOVE it. Seriously.

Jaynee said...

I can tell he's getting bigger too, and he is sooo cute! congratulations on the new family member. you have the cutest kiddos...