Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 2 weeks old today!

Dear Tyler,
You're still so cute!  You still squeak some.  You don't cry much.  You slept through the night twice, and now you only wake up 1-3 times/night.  You still sleep next to me, but I do let you nap in your crib, on a blanket on the floor, or in the swing in the day time.  Your jaundice is gone, but you have some discoloration in the scellera in your eyes.  The doctor said it's just stained and will go away with in a month.  You weigh 7 lbs, 3 oz now.  You have a big belly but still have skinny legs and feet.  Your skin is so soft!  You still get cold easily so we keep you swaddled or wrapped in a blanket.  Your Aunt Kat came to visit you today all the way from Salt Lake City!  You slept through most of her visit, and she held you most of the visit too.  You're very loved!  I got your birth announcements in today.  I didn't order that many b/c I'm sure I'll put your photo on our Christmas card this year.  I also got my brag books in and gave one to your grandma already.  You still look a lot like Dylan.  You are really sleepy still but you do smile some!

I love you!
love, Mom

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Jaynee said...

so sweet! love the last pic of him smiling :)