Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 3 weeks old today

Dear Tyler,
You're 3 weeks old today.  To celebrate, we took you to Largo Central Park.  Noah went with us. 

It was your first time, of course, but it was also our first time.  You slept almost the whole time.  You still sleep a really lot.  Right now you're in your crib, you've been in there for about an hour and a half already!  You usually wake up after like 5 min and I have to nurse then hold you.  I have put you to sleep in there a couple of times this week, and Daddy wakes up to your quiet cry and brings you to bed with us.  You usually wake up one more time before morning when I have to buckle you into the car seat to take Dylan to school. 

Your due date is in 3 days, that's crazy!  I'm sooo happy you decided to pop your balloon and come early.  You're starting to get baby acne, but it's not that bad.  Your skin started peeling a little more this week, but isn't noticeable much.  You had your first bath with both of your brothers today.  I didn't take a picture of that because I used good judgement for once.  You look longer today to both your daddy and me.  You fill out your newborn PJs today. 

I haven't had that much time to just rest and stare at you this week because I have been getting your birth announcements out, Aunt Kat was here for a couple of days, then Isaac started Joy School the next day, then we took over a 2 hour nap the next day after visiting with Great Grandma Rebeck at her house, then we went to the park today.  The time to pick up Dylan is right when you, Isaac, and I would like to take a nap.  Isaac has been napping in the car line. 

When Kat was here, I sorta wanted to take advantage of her being willing to babysit and the thoughts crossed my mind that I should work for a couple of hours either at the dental office or doing one of the photo sessions that are waiting for me to reschedule.  But you don't take a bottle yet, and we're supposed to be resting!  I still couldn't help myself, so we did cram in a photo session - of Aunt Kat herself:)  She said she could use a professional head shot, so I curled the front of her hair, put make-up on her, and put a jacket on her with some pearls.  Steven said that he could always tell when the girls in his office had a trial because they would be wearing pearls - plus before that, he told me I looked "professional" one day when I was going for pretty - and I was a little offended but am blaming it on the pearls.  Anyway, I think she looks both pretty and professional here.  Want to know another secret?  I could only find one of these pearl earrings. 
Sorry Tyler, this should be a post all about you.  You're filling out a little, but I still think you're teeny tiny.  I think I'll move the headrest and shoulder straps up a notch tomorrow in your car seat.  You're the sweetest little cuddler and I love how your legs still want to be up like a little froggy when I hold you up to my neck to kiss on you and burp you.  I love your little hand on me by your mouth when you nurse.  I don't like how you choke and can't breath until you have swallowed air and stretch uncomfortably then finally let out a cry to get some air when my milk starts.  So sad!  You get gas too.  You have only spit up like 5 times in your life though, and it is just a little out of the corner of your mouth that I notice later if I didn't try to burp you.

i need to pick 9 favorite pictures of Tyler for a tile board.  they say you take a bunch of pictures of your 1st child, then less w/ each other child.  not so at my house!  which should i pick?

You are still really floppy and are so relaxed and new.  You fall asleep before you are done eating most times.  You are still my tiny newborn and I love you!

This Tonka truck has been at my grandma's forever, probably.  I knew I would like to stuff a baby in it some day, thank goodness you're a boy!  She made you this blanket and booties, so I thought it would be fitting to combine them in her front yard. 
Here's a better shot of the booties.  Your feet are too small for them!
This is your Great Grandma.  She loves to hold you. 

You're so teeny tiny!
 And cute and sleepy.  I love having a summer baby! 

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great pictures Tiffany! love reading your updates :)