Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1st Beach Day!

When Kat was here, we went to the beach.  I took Dylan for one of his first times with his aunt Kat too.  He wore these froggy shorts and tiny green sandals too, so did Isaac.  (The hat is from Aunt Tina for Isaac - it has a frog on it too.) 

Which reminds me, when I opened the umbrella, a frog jumped to the sand!  Isaac loved on it for a long while before I guess it got away. 

This was the only time little Tyler was in the sun, don't worry.  He was held, covered (from the windy wind) under the umbrella most of the time. 
 Isaac played in the waves with his Granddad, then we hunted for shells and treasures, then he threw the football with Granddad.  Lucky kid. 

 Here's the tiny little guy. 
 Jennifer Martin and Kat thought it was necessary to take a picture of his little feet sticking out. 
 Can you believe this was Kat's 1st time to the Candy Kitchen?  We did a U-turn when I found that out!
Dylan, that morning, walked himself into school and got out his water bottle, Friday folder, planner, nap towel, and moved his lunch Popsicle stick.  It was the first time I dropped him off in the car line and he did it!  (Isaac had forgotten his shoes that morning, and I didn't want to look ridiculous carrying him and Tyler into the school.)


Lindsay said...

Tiff you look great! And little Tyler is adorable!! Miss you

Kat Gille said...

Yummy Candy Kitchen! I'm eating some of Preston's chocolate orange right now.

And I love that you got pictures of the frog and of Isaac in full quarterback action. And Tyler certainly looks tiny in that quote-unquote "infant" swimsuit that come down to his ankles! Oh, and I like the picture of you showing the tiny baby. The one with his feet sticking out wasn't nearly as cute as I thought it'd be. No wonder YOU're the photographer! :P

And here's my random thought that has nothing to do with this post: Mom also gave her first three kids names with the same number of letters (7 in her case), but she didn't do that on purpose nor did she follow that pattern in future kid naming. So ... Dylan, Isaac, and Tyler could still have another sibling with no requirement for number of letters in the name. :)