Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Memoirs of a new mom of 3

I don't know how single parents do it.  Or people who live far from family (parents.)  I simply can't do it all on my own. 

It is easier to transition from 2 to 3 than it was from 0 to 1 (of course) or from 1 to 2.  From 1 to 2, I worried I wouldn't give my first child enough attention or if I'd be able to love another baby as much, or if the first would get neglected, but all of those worries have already been answered by the time the 3rd enters the family.  The harder transition is actually the kindergarten schedule.  I dislike that it's 5 days in a row.  I also dislike how it takes over my life.  I have to get up early, stuff a sleepy baby in a car seat, then we're all still tired so unless I pre-planned the morning, I'm not that productive.  In the afternoon, all I have time for is picking Dylan up!  Afterwards, if I grocery shop or go to piano lessons, the day is gone, heck, or if I make dinner, that takes up the whole rest of the day.  And, his car line is right in the middle of nap time.  I hardly nap now - there's no time!  I am supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, right?  I do like his class, what he's doing there, and his school, but feel so bad when all he wants to do these days is stay home and color or play with toys.  He doesn't want to go to eat, or to the beach, or park, or store, or anywhere and he used to always want to go somewhere. 

I'm finding it more difficult to multi-task.  There's only one good example that I can think of right now.  Yesterday, we dropped Dylan off then went to Target.  Of course we were there for a while, so it was about time to pull over to feed Tyler before going to the fabric store.  I planned it perfectly so I could nurse Tyler while Isaac played at Lake Seminole Park which was on the way.  Isaac had fun but said he hoped other kids would show up (we were the only ones there.) 

I am not documenting as many things in my camera these days because I don't have another set of hands for the camera!  I mean, bath time with 3 boys would be a fun thing to document, but then again I'd have to take my hands off of a slippery baby - not good. 

Another good image for you (mental only) is me nursing Tyler in the sling while preparing spinach pie (with real filo dough - it was yummy!)  I almost had Dylan go grab a camera to take a picture from the back of me in my messy kitchen with ingredients all over (and under - my feet).  Isaac was next to me beating the egg whites.  But I didn't want to disrupt Dylan who was happily building a superhero city with blocks upstairs in the small hallway RIGHT where we need to step to go to any of the rooms up there.  I never want to forget these moments, so I'm writing them down here. 

I'd like to edit photos at night, my own and clients, but I am not as effective when I have to hold (and look at) a cute little baby. I have to use my toes to hold down some keys because processing takes two hands.  You don't want a picture of that. 

There are cute things too, like how Isaac is always coming over to give kisses, Eskimo kisses, and butterfly kisses.  I don't think those pictures would come out because it happens right in my lap.  So I just kiss Isaac's little head too. 

Back to needing family, Steven does all of the busy work around here, like laundry, pool maintenance, car washing, taking out the dirty diapers and other trash, and all that.  And my mom came over to save the day when I was in the middle of trying out a recipe from our new cook book, I took the lid off of the pan and smoke bellowed out and all over our house!  Yes the smoke alarm went off.  And yes it was hot oil and yes it burned my leg because I still only had running clothes on.  But we ate the Navajo Tacos, and enjoyed them because my mom came in to save the day and chop up the other ingredients and get it all ready.  So no, we did not have a camera on that stressful evening. 

My mom asked if she could babysit for us so we could sneak out for a good dinner last weekend.  We said yes, but to her dismay, didn't leave Tyler with her.  And I'm glad.  My dinner was pretty good, but my favorite part of dinner was when Tyler started to stir and we had the waitress bring out the check with the desert.  We shared that slice of tart home-made key lime pie while holding and staring at my tiny little baby boy.  Then instead of sitting in the car to feed him before going home, I put him in the sling and we took him for a walk on the beach in the moonlight.  Steven and I took turns flying a kite too - that was a fun surprise.  Somebody had tied a kite to the trash barrel on the beach.  We spotted the kite high up and found where it had been anchored then gave the string a tug - voila - we flew a kite!  I like that spontaneous delight, but there are no pictures.  Just fun memories of the first crazy month with a new baby. 

I think I'll take pictures of me and my baby tomorrow.  (I wish I could have Dylan home because I need more "brothers" pictures.)  Oh, I did book OUR family photo session! 

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Lori said...

Call my cell, and if I can make it to the park, I'll come!!! Fisher would LOVE someone to be at the park with. It's always just he and I!