Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 1 month old

Hi baby, you're 1 month old.  You're so cute!  I'll start using these stickers to ark the months now instead of doing weekly posts for you. 
I made you a onesie b/c you're my little photography assistant! 
 You've been with me on one photo session, and you've been the subject of many many. You assist me by being my inspiration. And when I see other things, I get to try them out on you! Your great grandma Rebeck made this blanket for one of your brothers.  You have lots of blankets, and I love them all! 

 To celebrate your 1 month birthday, Dylan had the day off of school, so we went to the park in the afternoon.  We met my friend Rachael at the library and listened to story time then back to school crafts before we ventured to the park.  She introduced us to Largo Central Park and it's fun.  Your big brothers run around in the sunshine and climbed on the rock sculptures. 

 You and I hung out on your new blanket from my friend Abigail. 
 Isn't it amazing?!  I put the 1 month sticker on it and it's perfect - especially since your room is jungle themed. 

So happy 1 month birthday! 
I go back to work this week, just two half days, but it's sad.  I'm excited to show off your pictures to my patients.  I have a whole album filled already plus some in frames and the brag book, of course. 

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