Wednesday, March 2, 2011


so my sisters Lindsey and Hollie are passing me up in blog posts.  I have a couple of posts started, but haven't been able to stay up late to really delve into something post-worthy. 
Here's a list of today, a typical day.
7:30 - I wake up to my boys wrestling in front of my big wardrobe mirror in my room
8 something - cereal.  Isaac doesn't eat much, he's more of a banana kid. 
morning - coloring, thank you notes, soccer with new shin guards and cleats in the back yard (while a wearing Spiderman costume), plain yoghurt for the kids' snack
11:30 - left over take out for lunch
noon - I nap for an hour while the kids empty all of their stuffed animals and build forts and play pretend,
1 - I wake up to the kids begging me to go see their fort that hides them from Venom
Run around the block pushing both boys some of the way, and just Isaac while Dylan runs faster next to me on the grass, hair cuts in the back yard, baseball, more soccer, then cleaning the pool.  we ate an entire cantulope while the boys went in the 74 degree pool all but their heads. 
Then they played more in their room instead of napping while I cleaned up the downstairs.
Dinner time - making a random salad w/ lots of veggies and some chicken.  Dylan comes down when Daddy gets here claiming he rested enough, and Isaac sleeps through dinner
it's YW tonight while Steven takes the kids to Publix then gives them a bath.  That's about it!

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Kat Gille said...

Sounds like a busy, fun, healthy, productive day! :)