Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Baby #3

Hi little baby,
You're 13 weeks old now.  Thanks for settling down so that I can stay up late again (sometimes.)  It honestly feels good to be able to stay up 'til 3am again when I need to.  I'm sorry I got so sick and didn't want to eat a single thing for a while there while you wanted me to eat every 5 minutes.  That wasn't a good mix.  It was a bit of a pain hiding you from the world.  I was so excited and all I could think about was food, if you're going to be a girl or a boy, and what the heck I'm going to do with six kids on my days off!  Actually, you'll be born some time around September 19th, so Dylan and Malia will already be in Kindergarten. 

I do have some pictures of you, and I was going to wait to write you this note until after Monday when it's your 2nd picture day, but I can't hold it in.  Litterally, you're pushing my shirts out and I'm so excited.  You're the size of a peach now, so I hear.  I got to hear your heart beat at my first appointment, and saw your little tiny blob in the "black hole," as Isaac called it.  We saw you wiggle some I think.  Dylan and Isaac got to see the ultrasound too.  The tech was so nice and did the ultrasound through my tummy instead of the usual way because your brothers were there.  She wasn't sure she'd be able to see you, but you're already a perfect little model:) 

I haven't bought anything for you just yet, but I did make some headbands for a newborn baby girl because I'm kind of excited to see if I'll get a girl this time.  I'm expecting a baby boy because I have 3 younger brothers, used to teach swimming lessons for and babysit for 2 sets of 3 boys (the Lupers and the Szaszs).  I'll be content with three boys.  Isaac tells me that "if it's purple, then she will be a girl."  I'm not sure what that means, but he knows what girl colors are and what boy colors are.  I guess I'll help him pick something pink or purple out for you if you are indeed a girl.  Isaac used to want both (a girl and a boy), but now that we know there's just one of you in there, he wanted a girl for a while but has switched to wanting another boy so we can have 3 boys.  He just turned 3 years old and can hold up 3 fingers, so I think that is part of his reasoning.  Dylan wants a baby sister.  I think he sees his frind Finn with a sister, and knows that Noah has a sister, and they're also having a baby who will be a girl (due in June.) 

I was nautious more than I have been with your big brothers.  I didn't get any sickness with Dylan.  With Isaac, I felt sea sick and yucky and didn't like the feeling much at all.  With you, I got morning, afternoon, and night sickness.  I realized that the more I ate, the better I felt.  I also got heart burn which was so wierd to me.  Nightly tums helped me once I got you figured out.  That didn't last that long.  Right now, I'm just excited.  I heard this is the honeymoon phase, where I just keep growing but feel pretty good and am not uncomfortable yet.  I agree.  I'm ready for "to do lists" again.  I was just in survival mode at the beginning.  3 or 4 photo sessions cancelled on me, but that's ok because I wasn't able to stay up to edit anyway.  I just did 3 this week though to make up for it and have more scheduled.  I was still pleanty busy with church and my dental hygiene job but didn't tell anybody because I didn't want to use it as an excuse.  There's enough drama in others' lives, and the sooner I tell people, the longer they have to wait.  It's nice just being able to ponder about you in my own heart for a while.  It's sweet.  I did feel bad having to run out to stuff my face and hurry back in time to take a nap on my lunch breaks when I could have been helping out.  But it was fine. 

So, I'm excited!  I'm also really happy that I have my own pool in my fenced in back yard, so when I'm big and fat, I'll be able to hide in my own pool to cool off.  K, now that that's out of my system, I can blog again.  You're all that's been on my mind (besides feeding you and giving you rest), so I haven't been keeping up with this blog.  I do have tummy pictures already started, but I think you'll have to wait to see those in a private book sometime:)


Kat Gille said...

Yay for Baby Feger! He or she is quite a part of your life already, and I'm glad you're telling people now so that it's out in the open and we can talk about you having another baby. Are you and Corrie really going to keep your current schedules and just keep adding carseats? Six seems like SO MANY KIDS! Maybe you could come up here and share some with me and Preston. We'll need to start practicing . . . :P

Lindsay said...

So exciting and fun.