Thursday, March 24, 2011

1st beach day of 2011

Sometimes I just want to get things done at home because the kids play so well together that they don't need entertainment.  But this week, one of my counselors gave a lesson to our Young Women about family time and about making the effort to do things that each of the family members want to do even if it means sacrificing.  My kids love their sand box, so I took them to a huge sandy beach.  We made a big sand castle with a mote around it and completed it with a feather sticking up on top.  Of course boys will be boys and they jumped on it and smashed it to pieces before I could clean sand off of my hands to get the camera.  Then some friends came and they played in the water.  It's like 74 degrees.  Too cold for me especially with the breeze.  But it really was a good beach day.  The funny thing is that Dylan puked that morning.  I already had a doctor's appointment for him because he had been coughing at nights and it wasn't getting better.  Dylan cried when we got to the parking lot because his last appointment 2 weeks prior wasn't fun - he got 'poked' to check his iron level then got a shot.  He was brave and stopped crying before we went in though.  He was ready to go to the beach, and the doctor said that's the best place to go because there aren't any Oak trees on the beach.  They are raining pollen and allergies all over our cars and into my nose lately. 
So that's our beach day story. 

Oh wait, I almost forgot. I lost Isaac. Baby Kate was eating snacks and dropping every other one. Eventually the seagulls noticed. I hate when they're vultures like that. I stood up and tried swatting them away. The kids started chasing the birds too. Since I was up and was sort of fed up with the birds and situation, I started cleaning up our sand toys. I looked up casually to count my kids and didn't see Isaac. I did a double and triple take then asked Dylan. He didn't know either. I said a prayer and saw him running the other way. And I mean running. It looked like he was upset. A man was sorta fast walking behind him and I could tell he was wanting to help but Isaac wouldn't stop. I ran. I ran after my little frightened baby boy. He's fast. He didn't hear me calling his name until I was pretty much right behind him. The guy didn't know what to say except that he tried having Isaac stop but he wouldn't. That's good I guess - that he didn't talk to a stranger. But it's bad that he got out of my sight. I have bragged that my kids don't run off and that they know to stay in my eye sight. Well, I'm blaming those dang seagulls. Of course I'm at fault for not counting my kids more often, but it was a good lesson as I carried him all the way back. I told him about finding him as soon as I said a prayer and about how he needs to always be able to see me so I can see him and we won't loose each other.
Then we went to Publix to get Dylan's prescription, we took a shower, then we took a nap before going to help the church youth rake leaves into about 25 bags.

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Grandpa said...

Tiffany prayers have always worked. And I love it that you take the opportunity to teach my Grand Son about the power of prayer.