Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Isaac - you're THREE!

Dear Isaac,

Thank you for telling me lots and lots of times a day that you love me.  Thank you for reaching out and kissing me for no reason at all.  Thank you for telling me that we can celebrate your birthday another day when I wasn't sick anymore. 

On your birthday, Daddy was gone to St. Louis for work training.  I was sick in bed.  Dylan was still sick too.  We didn't even eat much, so no birthday meals for you.  Nobody was hungry.  I was supposed to take you to buy a new fish for your birthday, but we didn't make it.  We did go to get Brent to take him to Hebrew school, but we were even late for that.  We then went to get the balloons for church that night.  You picked out a little mini M&Ms container, so you and Dylan both got one - it was your birthday after all!  Neither of you finnished them.  We also got smoothies because we were thirsty for water yet needed to eat.  We went early to set up for New Beginnings.  You and Dylan took your blankets in.  When I went to the Young Women's room accross the church, you and Dylan started crying because you wanted me.  It was so sad.  I held you two to calm you down when another leader came in.  She sorta laughed and told us how pittiful we looked.  Dylan just sat there the whole time, begging me to sit by him instead of up front.  You were in the back playing with Sister Klemm.  You showed her your Monster's Inc look and find book.  I'm so glad she played with you quietly while we had our program.  Afterwards, I had made some Bakarella cake pops (luckily I made them before I got sick a couple of days before), and after the closing prayer, I asked if we could sing Happy Birthday to you.  You pretended you were shy, but when Aunt Kat called later that evening to wish you a Happy Birthday and ask what you did that day, you proudly announced that we sang to you.  After the cake pops, Uncle JT and Grandma were there (because Grandma taught the scouts) and they played with you in the gym while Dylan sat there with his blanket and I cleaned up.  You were happy break dancing with them.  You're such a good sport and really liked your special day.  (We did end up getting you a little fish a couple of days later, and you named him Jumpy.) 

Favorite foods: you and Dylan eat bananas every morning.  You eat yours slowly, so I hear.  Daddy gives you a banana before he gets in the shower, and you're still eating it while watching cartoons when he gets out.  You go in the fridge and help yourself to cheese slices and yogurt.  You don't like the fruit on the bottom, so we really should buy you plain yogurt.  You're a pretty good eater, but then again, you make the silliest nasty faces when you don't like something.  You're stubborn, so sometimes we just get you to eat 3 more bites because you're 3.  Then you sneak a banana. Sometimes you'll tell me that you're saving your food for later if you don't want to finish it now.  You rarely do go back to it, but that's ok.  You do say a lot of long sentences.  You're a little man and understand and communicate perfectly well if you ask me.  You do say some words like "Dee-yun" for "Dylan," but you can say it correctly if I have you slow down and stick your tongue out and bite it.  You're just used to your own way of spitting out common words.  A newer word that you say is "Chili dog."  Noah and Mailia's dog's name is Chili but you always combine it with "dog."  I love that. 

You like doggies, and any pet and really want to go up and pet any dog we spot.  You sometimes pretend to be a doggie.  Not that much, but when you do, you really give puppy kisses on my arm or leg or whatever skin is at your head level.  Yuck!  But cute.

Why I love you: You love to cuddle still.  You sneak into our bed and tell Daddy that it's your bed too.  You used to cry in your bed, but recently, you just come in and I wake up with you sharing my pillow right between Daddy and me.  Occassionally, we'll let you fall asleep in our bed, like when you won't nap unless I'm next to you keeping an eye on you, or the night Daddy got back and declared it "everybody in the bed night!"  You wiggle like crazy!  I tried to count the seconds between your movements and I can't even say the second "one" in "one one thousand, two one thousand, three . . ."  I'm just saying a "W" sound in my head then your hand moves, then you flip over, then you stand up to flag out your Nemo blanket that Danielle made for Dylan and you lay back down with it all perfect on you just in time for you to switch your head around or put your arm in my face.  It's pretty funny, but tiring when I'm more tired than you are. 

You're smart.  You and Dylan do homework most evenings with Daddy, and you really like it.  You do try to do what Dylan is doing, which is actually good because you are learning sight words and how to sound words out. 

You don't like to clean up toys and say "I'm tired of cleaning this up."  You'll go lay down on the couch or something until I give you the option to go to bed.  You're still not efficient at cleaning, but you're still fun and I love you so much!

*more pictures to follow, I accidentally hit "publish" before I was ready. 


Silly Gille's said...

Yaaaay for blog updates! =) isaac is too cute. I hope one day my boys are cute like yours. I know matt feels the same. He adores your kids!

Jason and Lindsey said...

Tiff this was too cute to read! You are a great momma and it makes me sad that we don't see your little boys often enough. Love you all!