Friday, March 18, 2011

Isaac's first cavity

I took Isaac and Dylan for their annual check ups with the pediatric dentist.  I knew Isaac had a cavity or two because, of course I brush and floss his teeth, and I saw it.  The boys were both so good for that first visit (Dylan's 2nd.)  But on this 2nd visit, for the filling, poor Isaac thought I was going to go back with him like I initially had for his cleaning and exam.  Once I didn't go back with him, he got upset.  And he was still a two year old.  Most two year olds don't just calm down on their own with strangers.  So they sorta held him down, put the nitrous on, clamped his mouth open, and he cried and cried.  I'm SO glad they finally got me.  They wanted to give him time to calm down, but that was just wasting precious time.  Isaac was exhausted, scared, angry, and as we would soon find out, wanted desperately to tell us that he wanted to go potty.  I wasn't happy that the other DDS came in and threatened the papoose board and did the filling.  I wanted my friend/DDS.  I felt so bad when Isaac peed on their chair, but they had him back there for so long, and didn't give him a break while they were giving themselves a break from him.  So it was quite the traumatic appointment.  The next week, for the next appointment, he was great.  But that's because I went back with him, and my friend did the filling. 

We got smoothies after both times.  They have a drive through because Isaac was bottomless in his car seat after that traumatic day.  (I usually don't have a need for a change of clothes.)

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