Friday, March 18, 2011

Uncle JT on the mat

We went to "Senior Night" at my brother, Jonathan's school.  Here're the pictures from Isaac's point of view.
 My mom is like the team mom or manager or something, because she's the one who coordinates all of the meets/matches/whatever. She makes sure they're selling tickets, stocks the consession stand, makes sure there are volunteers there, made frames for each of the seniors with pictures of them on top, and organized the whole thing. Here she is w/ her pride and joy.  

 I took some pictures too. 

 my little photographer. gross.
 warming up

My mom hates watching wrestling.  I can't believe she really let my brothers do it.

 I do NOT want my boys to wrestle.  The work outs must be good, but look at their faces!
Anyway, Jonathan is good.  He went on to regionals and then to states. 

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