Friday, March 18, 2011

holiday parties with friends

We ate dinner at the ward Christmas party.  Tabitha, the party planner, does such a good job. 
The decorations, food, and kid activities are just perfect.
 Our youth helped the kids in Santa's Workshop while the parents got to enjoy a program. 
 Then it was on to our Festivus party.  The kids stayed with their babysitter at home. 
Steven participated in the "feats of strength," a cherry pie eating contest v. Brian.

 Brian won.  Steven will have to do something dumb again next year. 
 We sang happy birthday to Darren,
 then we gathered around the old aluminum pole for a game of dirty old santa. 
I'm so glad we don't do the grievances any more. 
 This Best Buy gift card went from this lovely couple,
 to Noah and his broken leg,
 to us.  I win! 
Happy Festivus!

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