Friday, January 21, 2011

rain rain, go away

I like that it's not cold and we haven't turned on the air or heat in days.
I like that I can be home w/ my kids today.
But why was it a beautiful day on the days I had to work and rainy today? 
I need sunshine!
I got out the "choo choo" balls from the Thomas the train ball pit we got almost exactly 3 years ago from Bonnie when her family came to meet newborn Isaac.  (They gave us the couches too.)  Only the balls remain.  We haven't seen them in about 2 years, but what a fun indoor activity for my spider men! 

We also made our own pizzas Wednesday, today they made their own PB&Js on this same round bread - they made smiley faces on them (cut out of the top piece). 
We did go for a run a little while ago when it was just misty and not raining.  And I do mean WE.  I had Dylan run beside me 'til he got tired, then he rode for a while, then he ran twice more!  He probably ran at least a mile all together!  I feel bad that I'm the only one getting exercise when I run.  Isaac napped in the stroller.

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Lindsey Howell said...

Tiff! Where are pictures of your cute baby tummy? Not that I don't love looking at Isaac and Dylan..:)