Tuesday, January 11, 2011

our annual Christmas snowman

We waited after Christmas so Martin and Katy would be back from their honeymoon. 
I helped by watching Isaac in the car while he napped.  Then they called me to go take some pics when it was done. 
 Here's Kat and her Preston who flew in to surprise her. 
 And the snowman is horizontal.  I think we can do a vertical one next year.  Just a fat one. 

 Then they ran and jumped and crushed the sandman. 

 Here's Katy's dad. 
 And Martin is laughing at Katy's belly flop. 

 After multiple flops, they burried Martin and Katy. 
I just stayed with Isaac to prevent the sandy cold wind. 
 My "Merry Christn as" sign had a good season, but it's done now. 
 Here's the sand!!!
 And an ocbopus.