Friday, January 14, 2011

Martin & Katy's Florida wedding open house

Here are the beautiful newlyweds, Martin and Katy Gille.
They started with a receiving line. 
I went to see the cute babies who were there:) 

 Sister Emery brought them home made bread.  I still have yet to taste it, but I've heard all about it . . .
 Kat's boyfriend flew in to surprise her! 
 Katy wanted a pic w/ my boys, but Isaac was so shy around her in her beautiful wedding dress so I had to hold him.  He really wanted to look at her, but was scared to really go too close.  So sweet. 

 The chocolate fountain was a hit as usual. 

 Isaac was loving the attention with his super heros look and find book.  When Katy got up to say goodbye to somebody, I sat there only to be shoved away because "that Katy's seat, not you seat." 
 The dads. 

 Thanks for throwing the party Mom and Don!

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