Sunday, April 4, 2010

motivational speakers

I've been listening to bunches of motivational speakers on CD lately.  (Have I told you that this is the year that I'm going to be wildly successful at everything?!  - well it is.  The secret is hard work, no sleep, then taking naps where possible, making moments count, having a husband that can tolerate occassional messes and will take over, research, awesome friends and family, and saying yes to work.)

Anyway, those CDs, although great, are nothing compared to live inspired motivational speakers.  You know the feeling when you are in an auditorium with other people in your same situation listening to the same speaker who is getting you pumped up?  Well, now I get to not only listen to, but can watch general conference - live!  But from my own computer desk.  (So can you, by the way.)  It's broadcasted around the world in a bunch of different languages, and if you listen, you can get that same feeling of being in an auditorium or conference center with different people in the same situation as you.  There are messages of hope, love, and yes, hard work!  You don't have to log in or anything, it's just streaming audio or video at noon and 4pm my time-EST (Sat 4/3 and Easter 4/4).  I'll be listening to the archives late at night while I work too, I'm sure this next week.  I dare you to listen to one of the talks.  I know they are inspired, and are for us in this time. 

While I'm on the subject of church, I really should give my talk to you I gave at the beginning of the year.  I'm not going to though b/c it's late and my shoulders are begging me to take a rest and get a massage from Corrrie.  But, I'll tell you about me telling the congregation about goal setting part of my talk. 

I chose the goal of reading my scriptures daily, and for some reason felt impressed to urge the church members to do the same. (Everybody already knows he/she should search the scriptures daily, so it's nothing new.)  Anyway, I gave tips and scriptures to back it up etc.  THEN, out stake came out with goals for us.  The daily goal is to read our scriptures!  How cool is that?!  The weekly goal is to share our testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ to somebody.  It could be to our kids, our parents, or to friends etc.  The monthly goal is to do family history work and/or go to the temple.  I've been once this year, and started Chrissy's temple work too!  The anual goal is to visit every member of our stake in his/her home.  I've done some of that too. 

So get motivated - keep your New Year's Resolutions, and read your scriptures!  If you don't have any, read online or I'll get you some.  K, I'm going to go read and go to bed.  Happy Easter!!!!


Enrique said...

Motivational speakers are typically engaged to generate an immediate response among presentation participants, boosting enthusiasm and energy while delivering relevant, practical content coinciding with a meeting's theme or objectives.

Tiffany said...

You're right, Enrique. Why havne't you done anything w/ your blog yet? The motivational speaker CDs fall exactly into your definition. I used my personal blog to relate it to the day's conference speakers who were "generating an immediate response to [me, a] presentation participant." They actually did boost my enthusiasm and energy while the speakers delivered more relevant and practical content than you could imagine which perfectly coincided with the meeting (and entire 2 day conference)'s theme and objectives.

I appreciate your comment, and am not sure if you were just trying to put in a plug for your favorite motivational speaker, or were excited to learn more from my post.

This is a personal family blog, but I still love meeting new people. I hope you too were enlightened:)

julie babcock said...

Hi Tiffany,

I love it that it's so easy to view/listen to General Conference whenever you want to, as often as you want to. I try to listen as I work on the computer sometimes and should more often. Thanks for your good example!

Jayme Wilson said...

My collage has been organizing high school reunion and we planning for a great party this year. For that, we need some keynote speaker. Can you suggest me something on that?