Monday, April 12, 2010

an evening out with my boys

This is the best life. I have a mini van so I can tote all of my kids around. It's dificult to answer the question of how many kids I have b/c it often feels like the list changes by the day. Last Wednesday, for instance, I had 13 kids in my care. (Different locations and different families, but still.) Anyway, on this particular day, my count was 7 for the day, but only 4 at this park. Isaac was the monster here, in case you couldn't tell:)

I think Marc looks like Isaac's big brother here.
And Jake makes a really good big brother too. 
here's a picture of me, to prove that i was there with my pocket cam
Marc caught a "zebra fish," as Dylan calls it.  He caught a couple that evening, actually.
Jake is there to entertain us with trying to pick the lucky case. 
We didn't pick the right one:(
And here's a real fishy face, not to be seen on my cutesy fishy face photography blog:)

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