Monday, April 19, 2010

The love of a mommy . . .

. . . and the trust of a child.
Are you ready for Mother's Day? 

This picture got me in the "Mother's Day spirit." 
Is there such a thing? 
There sure should be, there's a definate Christmas spirit, and an excitement for Easter. 
Mother's Day is in the air, or should I say water:).

This little guy was in swimming lessons and was cold waiting for his turn.  It took coaxing for him to do anything his instructor asked.  But he did anything his mom asked even after the long cold lesson.  She had faith in him and knew that he could hold his breath and go under with her.  And isn't this mom beautiful? 


Lacey McKay said...

What a great shot Tiff! Hey, just you take any pics before or after the dunk? That would make really a cool collage! You've gotta capture that proud smile when the kid comes up! Or is your lens all covered in water droplets then?

Sam and Jackie Chapman said...

Hey tiffany when you told me about your blog on Sat I looked you up and I love it. Your photos are great. Did you take this picture bc it is just perfect!

Tiffany said...

great idea! i was sticking w/ underwater b/c it was a group lesson, but I'll just keep snapping away.

yes I took it. I'll be taking more on Monday too, maybe this little guy will be there again too. When is little Kamryn going to get her cute bikini wet?!