Sunday, July 3, 2016

social media overload

Here's what I do with my social media platforms.
This blog: write stuff so I don't forget them then I LOVE my printed blog books. It's for my family.
Facebook: stuff I'm up to with friends or silly/cute things of my kids. I use the pages to post and promote both businesses. I started a group for each and post monthly or so in them. I have done offers and various ways to post photos. The newest thing I want to do is their panoramic pictures. That's new.
On Instagram, it's mostly silly things of my kids, but I do use the hashtags a ton and promote my business and track the influx to my website with a link in my profile. I just found out how to do little photos then make them one big one in my profile - awesome! I do collages and video collages and filters and forward/backward videos within video collages and lots of gimmicks.
I have a Twitter account, and link to it from Insta some.
I have gotten good info from some Periscope webinars and have done a couple myself.
I have a Tumbler, GooglePlus, Flickr, Swarm,, and other accounts but don't do too much with them. Oh and YouTube, but my personal and business one confuse me. I think things are moving more toward videos so I should get on that more.
I just started Snapchat and even made a custom geofilter for my area - only it got denied 2 times so I tightened the boundries and my house and my mom's houses aren't included - what?! That's annoying, but still cool. It gives authenticity to users since it really is real-time. I have fun with the funny faces and videos and filters.
So I'm either @fishyfacephotography or I'm @fishyfacephotog on all places.

So I took the month of June off from photoshoots as my main present to Steven. I got 2-3 golden clients I had to pass on to a friend and was kicking myself. It was beautiful weather, they texted me photos of their cooperative husband and imobile chunky smiley happy baby and couldn't believe that I was giving it up. But now, I'm thinking that was kinda nice. I caught up on Kat's photos from April, didn't stay up late much, and am thinking that maybe I should quit altogether.
But then I see birth announcements and graduation announcements and birthday thank you cards on my wall and most of the photos are from me! I like this stuff!
I wonder if I need to do more training to get the exact photos that I want to get- every time. But I don't know if it's worth investing in workshops. But I do like the freedom of having my own checking account b/c I spent a lot from it for Father's Day and Steven's birthday like I do every year. But I was just depleting it and not replenishing it, so maybe I should do more work. I had good momentum with that mini-session day. That was so awesome! But now I'm dreadding Christmas Card season.
I just got called to be the Primary President and didn't get released from being the ward historian, the ward bulletin board coordinator, or the program creator. They released me from being a Young Woman 1st counselor only. So my plate if full without Photography.
Part of me wants Steven to get his promotion, move us out of state, then I can dive both feet into photography since he said I won't need to be a dental hygienist. Then it would be worth it for me to invest more since that would be my only career.
I'm always thinking about prioritizing. I heard about the "bullet journal" and created my own. I was getting so organized with photography, church callings, calendaring, work patients, everything in one! But I lost it. That deflated me a lot. I had photography leads in there, my progress on being the church historian, my bingo card for work, etc. What a pain! Oh well. I'm going to do what the bishop said and make my God my 1st priority, then my husband, family, careers, then calling. (yes he did have that be plural, I noticed.)
In my setting apart blessing today, Brother Welling said that I wouldn't be overwhelmed. So that's good!

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