Monday, July 11, 2016

Skimboard Camp

Marcie has told us about this skim camp. We did a couple half days last summer and it was awesome. So we did a whole day this time and I stayed through lunch. It was not as good since there were so many kids. And our kids already know how to skim and didn't even want to learn more or use the fiberglass ones much. Oh well. 
We flew a kite! 
Isaac surfed with Matt and Danny. Awesome! 

Dylan's friend Erden went to the camp with us too. 
Tyler found money!! I had him leave it until we left to see if anyone would come back for it. 
When we left, Tyler picked up trash. So sweet. 
Then he stepped on a sticker. 
Julia sometimes doesn't want to walk back. That's what the sling is for. 
The kids had lunch and ice cream so we had our own at home. 
We rinsed off in the pool. 

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