Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Riley

We went to Riley's birthday pool party at Aunt Robin's. (Her grandma) It rained the whole drive up there then was still raining when we got there but the girls were all in the pool anyway! Tyler sat by me will his feet in the water. Uncle Tom was fun and was being a target for them so Tyler warmed up to being there. He still never went in although Dylan and Trace did. 

On the way home I wasn't going fast, but I hit a huge pot hole really hard. Dylan looked back at it and watched "our tire" roll away! I went back to get it. There were other hub caps around too. Why wasn't the sink hole-like crater coned off? It was filled with sand, but with the rain and traffic, hardly any was left in the hole. 
I started driving to church the next morning when turned off the loud Bible School CD and listened. I put the car in park and went to look at the front tire that had been missing the hub cap and it was fine. But the back tire was floppy flat! 
Dylan Tyler and I switched cars and after church showed the boys how to change a flat. Problem: the spare was flat. We could have taken it back off to get air at a gas station except one bolt had broken and the lug nuts were not going on easily on the remaining 4 bolts. 
The next day, so as not to make people work in the Sabbath, I called AAA. The driver was nice and aired up the flat but told me to not drive it. He called in a flat bed tow truck for me. I didn't get a call from the tire place so I called. Closed. Don took us in the morning on my way to work. The tire was flat! They aired it up, gave me new bolts, and put it back on. I wasn't late for patients, but was late for our Tuesday back office morning

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