Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Last day of my sisters trip

In the morning we got up and left at 5:45am. Cami was only able to go with us if we found a way to get her to the airport so she could fly to work. She has to work all night tonight! We left in our PJs but Betsey and Cami were all dressed up. 
We ate Subway and tried the Ocean Water blue drink from Sonic next door. 
We made good time so I got to Kat's when she was still at church. Her church is in walking distance so I had my friends drop me off at her front door. I tried the handle and it was locked so my plan was to get a dress out of my suitcase and change in the back yard. My plan failed. Preston surprised me and opened the front door! Sadie had been up caughing and had a yucky nose so although he was dressed and ready to go, he had stayed home with baby Sadie. Kat had still been up at 2am when Sadie had coughed herself awake and he saw Kat up stressing bc their printer wasn't printing! He saved the day and printed a couple of copies at his shop since she was going to have to print it somewhere else. She said it went well and the funny thing was that the family she spotted there early who held her fussy baby were the musical number who she preceded. She had to go get her baby from the hall so they could go on next. We had her deliver her talk on service and it was so good! She quoted scriptural references without reciting them since she had understood and compared and paralleled them with others. Her interpretation was a good reminder of doctrines about things like for repentance to stick, service is needed. She used past prophets' counsel and Bible references and related them to every day examples as well as to current events. I like the references to our mom and Mr. Rogers and how in tragedies, we should look for, and where possible, be the helpers. She talked about how she was prepared to give service. I wish she lived closer so we could help one another!
Here's her pedigree chart she printed. Awesome!

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