Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cocoa Beach day 2

Tyler woke up with a fever. Steven took the big boys down for breakfast then I went on a mommy date with Julia. She eats a ton when she's hungry! 

Then I took the kids to the beach for the day while Steven stayed in the hotel room the entire day. It was his vacation, but he still stayed in the whole day! I had him leave to go get our late lunch so he wouldn't get cabin fever.
He did help us set up the tent while Steven stayed in the room with Tyler.

Isaac went back to the room to get her pacifier. Steven had the extra flip lock locked so Isaac accidentally woke Steven up. Steven was happy to have had an actual relaxing weekend. He also did research on his phone for the ALJ position.
There were hardly any waves, so we didn't bother renting surfboards. We brought the boogie boards and the boys stayed in the water most of the time.

Kelly Slater is a famous surfer who is from here. We saw this statue in the middle of the road (in the median) and its replica at dinner the night before. Dylan asked me to take a photo and pointed out that he was even on the front of the board. How did he remember that?!

Steven has been reading Harry Potter with the kids each night and we read some on the drive over. We finished the book that day! We ordered pizza for dinner and Steven got that too. Tyler felt a little better and ate a little.

I liked that the sign is neon b/c I made my Seminole geofilter look neon and I hadn't noticed it before. :)

Then we rented the first Harry Potter movie and watched with candy that Don had sent with us.

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