Friday, July 8, 2016

Ivy's 5th birthday eve

We got Ivy a mermaid tail for her 5th birthday. It matches a crown and swimsuit I had, and a bracelet. So we have them to her too. Well Julia kept her bracelet. Ivy was such a good sharer too. Her birthday was the next day, June 28th, but we wanted her to open the tail at our pool. 
Yummy green smoothies, 
We had to wait for the first tow truck guy to come before we went in the pool. Then our neighbors came over so I could go to the front when the next one got there. 
Ramen per request. 
A movie and popcorn. 
Barbie came! We played some then did some homework. 
Julia awoke to birthday presents of her own from Aunt Barbie!

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