Friday, May 6, 2016

Dear Julia, You're 2!

I love how you say Yes.
Ring around the Rosie
You give lots of kisses.
You love babies.
Your favorite TV show is Diego. You like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse still and your favorite movie is Finding Nemo.
You like me to trace around your hands and feet over and over on paper.
You don't like medicine and gag/fight.
You don't like shampoo or conditioner or anything in your hair and claim it hurts your eyes but are fine with water running down your eyes in the shower.
You love books and love being read to and love going through books on your own.
You fall asleep in your car seat and do not transfer well unless you have not been asleep long and are really really really tired. We still put you in your infant car seat sometimes especially when you go on Daddy's car.
You stay up late. Even if you go to bed around when the other kids do, you stay awake then call for me and get out of bed.
You take 1-2 naps, no schedule.
You love the beach and pool and don't admit when you're cold.
You do not say "S's" when they start a word like "soccer," you'd say "'occer" but end with the "S" sound no problem. It really sounds like an "S" but you stick your tongue out. I wonder if you'll have a lisp. When I work with you with a word like Soccer, you can say the syllables and CAN put it together, but it's a work out for you and your brain.
You love your friends and ask for them by name. Today you asked to go bye bye to see Baby Aubrey. Dad went to Andre's house and asked you about Clara and you said "yes, Clara, my friend." You asked about your friend Clara at the boys' last soccer game too since she comes to play with you sometimes. You remembered that she went "up high." Uncle Andre threw her and you up high last time! Then you asked about Barbie. It's cool that you know who goes with whom. You often also talk about Doe then Michael. You wanted Doe to change your diaper the other day when I asked if you wanted me to. Funny girl. You ask to go to their house a lot. You get a big smile on your face when we talk about their grandson Kingston or the other baby over there, Leah. I hear you give them lots of hugs and kisses. It's different having my own kid be the big kid and having her go to another house and I don't get a turn with the other kids at my house. With my other 3, that was different. My kids were always younger than Malia/Noah/Ivy. So I worry if you are a bully to them, especially since you have older siblings so are more tough/rough. They keep assuring me you're good with your friends. A week ago, your hamstring area hurt you. You tried to stand but collapsed multiple times throughout the day. I was worried and called my doctor friend who said to wait a day. Sure enough, the next morning you only crawled a little then were brave to try standing with Daddy's help then were able to walk then run again later. I wonder what that was. It was like it was asleep still in the morning, but it lasted.
You like me best. You still nurse. You ask by saying "mock" which is how you say milk. Sometimes I say no, like if we're in public. Dude, you're almost two! It doesn't seem weird yet to me b/c you're my tiny baby girl but I am going to wean you from your pacifier then from me very soon.
You could be potty trained but aren't in the mood any more. You hold in your poop until we're near a potty and usually go once/day. You wet your diaper and sort of think it's funny. You stay dry if you don't have a diaper on but ask for one. You only pee when you get hurt and are crying so hard like when you got a goose egg at Grandma's last Sunday.
We took you to Busch Gardens for your birthday since we got passes when Aunt Kat was here.

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