Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Fool's Day

Want a lollipop? 
My kids were not happy about the broccoli pops I made. 🍭Dylan ripped his paper off and put it in his mouth before complaining! Isaac threw it right past me into the trash. Tyler reacted the least and poor Julia saw the boys eating their real ones and wanted her "bee pop" so I had to fool her too. Aw, poor baby, #aprilfools ! First thing when she woke up. 
I had popsicle sticks from making cake pops (or because I am a bit of a hoarder and have something for every need.) 😝
I also gave the kids mazes to do which were unfinishable. So fun. 
Then I got new tired on my van, took Isaac to get pic retakes, and 
Went to watch Steven coach Tyler's soccer team to victory. 

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katgille said...

Full day, but fun day! The pic of Julia trying to give you back her fake sucker is perfect.

And why did Isaac need pic retakes? Did he do a silly face the first time? Kinda cool that a parent can take kids for retakes instead of just sending them to school on retakes day and hoping the hair/expression/clothes/whatever are magically better without the parent's help at the shoot.

And Julia's mismatched socks are adorable. That is all.