Sunday, May 22, 2016

My baby girl is growing up

Julia has been ready to potty train for like a year it feels. So I'm really doing it. With me, no diapers. I ran out! (Not really.) the diaper bag was out of them when I went to change her diaper at violin so I told her we were out. Julia found one at home. It wax a dry used one. So she slept in it. The next day, it was wet, so it went in the trash. Julia went to drop off the boys, a volunteer breakfast, then to drop off tyler before she had to go potty. We went to Grandpa's house and she went potty. Then she lasted all of field day. She went potty in her potty chair then took a nap. Dry. Steven found a diaper for her while I went to a team building thingy at work but it came off, dry, when I got home. She slept in s diaper and wire one with Steven on Saturday, but none all day today! We woke up before the sun did and went to the beach to cheer Steven on. He did the swim in a triathlon relay. Julia fell asleep in the sling on the long walk back to the car and stayed dry and sleeping until we got to church. (We had gone home to put church clothes on but she took the sacrament in her swimsuit.) I took her potty and put her dress on and and re-stocked the bathrooms with toilet paper. (The Gladys Knight show was the night before.) she went to nursery with no diaper and took a nap and stayed dry and went to Everett's party and played and played and went potty there twice. She even let Steven take her! So now she is nursing and napping on me. I love it. I feel like she is growing up just fine. She speaks really well, sings, even knows face body parts in Spanish, leaves her pacifiers in her bed, and I am not quite ready to give up nursing. I nourish her. My energy flies to her. We love it. It is hippy or weird or something to mist, but to me, it's more than natural, it is life-giving, healthy, binding, cute, and amazing that I even still have milk and that she loves it still. 

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