Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mom's Day Weekend

Julia looks up to her #bigbrothers and happily climbs up to join them.
After watching Mowgli run through the trees in The Jungle Book movie, my boys busted out of the van and literally ran up our tree, shedding clothes and shoes between branches. Then they helped their baby sister. #socute Steven grilled dinner, @irisjewels brought over gelato, Steven did all of the dishes, and I looked through Lightroom and Photoshop. Did I mention My @igtrophyhusband took the day off to give me a day to myself? I slept in until 9, he did the carpooling and I made myself some appointments, talked to customer support, ordered a new cloud storage hard drive, looked through my Click magazine,
took Julia for a jog where I ran into @genoj62 and chatted a bit,
played with pictures, cleared a pile of papers, and smiled. Steven tried his hardest to get me to get a massage but I refused to leave my productive relaxing day...
Until he took us on a family date to the new fancy theater to see this movie.
Now you know my day. And how I have the best family ever :)👫👨👨👧👧

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