Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tyler's Talk

Tyler did such a good job on this dress rehearsal so let's pretend this is how it went :)
He came up with the examples of what I taught him and with the little rhyme which was probably from a song he learned at preschool. He had me draw a happy face for "Happy Mother's Day," a finger pointing so he could tell everyone that I am his mom because I stood next to him and he wanted to point that out. I taped a family photo next so he would remember to say that God gave him a family. Under that, I drew a stick figure walking and he drew the legs on a dog that I drew. I drew music notes since I hoped he would sing that part. The last icon in the column was a heart so he would tell everyone he loves me before closing in Jesus' name :) 
In church, 3 of my kids wanted to go up to sing. Since one of them was Julia, we convinced Tyler to go with her. Neither of those two babies of mine sang: Tyler pursed his lips together the whole time and Julia rocked her pacifier.
Dylan gave the scripture in Primary since the assigned girl declined. Tyler stood up there to give his talk and finally whispered one line. 
Then I and 6 other moms were spotlighted and the kids had to guess which mom was behind the partition. I stumped them :) Julia gave me earrings her nursery leader's daughter made me. 
I had delicious left over pizza and a nap. 
#happymothersday #ilovemymom @vickibinstp is not here since she is visiting other kids and grandkids. Sad for me. Her mom is not with her either for the first time since she is with her mom and grandma. I sure am thankful for the plan of salvation and that We have a forever family! Happy for all 😊🌸

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