Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Tyler, you're 10 months old!

Dear Tyler, You're 10 months old! 
You have hit the double digits and have doubled your teeth too! You have 2 mandibular teeth and the max ones are starting to bulk your gums out a little. You just got a runny nose, so I am blaming that on teething, although, as usual, I have no clue.

You love to gnaw on Nerf darts. They're pretty much your favorite, and they happen to be all over the house, so you're in luck! You're invincible with a dart in your hand! 
Oh yea, even though it's hot out, I keep pants or baby legs on you since you crawl so much. Sometimes you crawl right out of them, but I'm not buying you clothes. 

Your eyes are 1/3 brown in the middle and greyish on the outside 2/3.
You are at a fun stage now where you can entertain yourself. You also play with your brothers and friends. Dylan and Isaac like when you chase them. You dance to singing and when your toys play music. It's your same bounce sitting or kneeling dance.
You don't give kisses yet, but you do dive in head first to many things. You will lean in and do that "ba ba ba" noise by bouncing your head off of my cheek, chin, or shoulder if the back of your hand is too lazy to bounce off of your mouth. It's a cute kissy lookin' mouth.
You go to sleep now! The Feger Method worked! The routine is to play our hearts out on these fun Summer days and evenings, then when your brothers are ready for bed, I say that you are too. It's been after 9pm lately. After nursing you, I usually ask Daddy to make you a 3-4oz bottle of formula of which you drink 1-3 ounces to top you off. We give lots of kisses and say "ni' night" lots before putting you into your crib with a diaper cloth. You usually don't cry and are either quiet or softly whine some before falling asleep within 5 minutes.
Look how you hold onto your blanket. I used to like diaper cloths too:)
 Other nights, you cry and stand for a while.  That's fun to watch on the monitor because you are so tired that you sit up, then fall down, then pop up, then sulk down, then slowly sit up, then fall over.  I give Daddy the play-by-play and we laugh. One time, when Isaac came down to get some water, he watched your up and down routine and was cracking up too. You're silly. 
At nap time, we don't have a set time, so sometimes you're not too tired yet. I lay you down on your back with your blanket and I see this sweet image on my monitor. 
 But then,
brace yourself,
THIS spooky image appears!
You take and eat and taste and throw the video part until it ends up looking up at the mobile or down into your sheet. So it's just an audio monitor. (P.S. there's spray paint splatter on this monitor, but it's still good after 6-1/2 years of almost non-stop use.)

You put things in your mouth, but miraclously don't try to swallow them. Today, for example, I took two of Malia's dice out of your mouth at once, then you popped another one in when my hand was on its way out of your mouth. 

You're getting into things. Dylan was on baby watch and had you in quite the strong hold at the top of the stairs. We don't let you out of arm's reach up stairs. 
Your big brothers would like you to learn how to clean up your messes.

You're so proud of yourself when you know you're getting into/onto something you shouldn't.

I took you to your 9 month doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago. 
You're in the 20th percentile for weight, 25th for height, and 50th for head circumference. I knew you were missing your chunky thighs. They told me to continue to give you formula before bed. 
Your toe got pricked to check your iron and you didn't flinch or cry at all. You really liked the band-aid. 

You love your blanket from my friend Dori Fagan. It's white, so I can trick you into liking diaper cloths too - which are better when you crawl around with them. But you really like the big softer one best. You love when it's waiting in your crib for you. You like the tag on it too. I always heard about babies liking tags on things but haven't had a tag-liker until now. You play with it and occasionally suck on it. You suck on your blanket some too.
 Your big brothers were amazed at how you didn't cry for that toe prick.
You're so cute. 
You wake up once in the night and Daddy brings you in to nurse back to sleep. I don't know what time, but it's after I go to bed, and sometimes I don't go to bed 'til 5am. You wake up at about 7 or 7:30 and want to crawl off of our bed. That's annoying because I'd rather you just nurse back to sleep again. Dylan used to be up at that time, but since it's summer and he goes to bed later, he sleeps in a little more too. So that means that I have to wake up to close our bedroom door and watch you chew on my high heels. (I know Hollie, that's probably grosser than Gracie's dog food.) 
You can wave sometimes, it's more of a wave at yourself and like a dance move. You do give high fives. 
You nurse for most of your nutrition still. You eat a little baby food a little but like blue berries, mango pieces, cheerios, and graham crackers more. 
You can stand a tiny bit by yourself, but don't think to do it unless both of your hands are full. You're content crawling and pushing things like jugs of water or books around. 
Since this post is a little late, you cut your 3rd tooth today, July 2nd. 
And I love you my little Tico T Tyler T, 
love, Mommy

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Oh I LOVE him. He is so dang cute! Miss you guys